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MicroGiant Auto




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Our MicroGiant is a mostly sativa strain. A true giant that can reach 150 cm.It is a cross between an original AK-47 and the famous C. Ruderalis. (Indigenous plant of North-East Asia which has the particularity of flowering regardless of the seasons) Pungent and pleasant smell, Authentic flavour, spicy with hints of fruit. Full and inebriating long-lasting effect. Suitable for all temperatures and humidity.

Number of seeds


Data sheet

Flowering : 60 days
Yield: Indoor : 450/550 gr for m2 – Outdoor: 60/90 gr for plant
Difficulty : Medium / Easy
Pack of : 3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds
Values in % :
THC : 16/18%
CBD : 3%
CBG : 3,6%

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