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Limited edition
New variety in collaboration with dj Yaner
Selection of Maturekush x zkittlez.
Thanks to these two exclusive and completely different strains we have managed to obtain a splendid hybrid both in terms of resistance to moulds/insects and in terms of high flower production.
Very compact plant not too tall but concentrated 1.50 m max.
Rich in internodes that will shape heavy buds, stuffed with resin with a scent of exotic fruit and living earth.

Number of seeds


Data sheet

Flowering : 65 Days - End of October for Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 500/800 gr for m2 – Outdoor 800/1200 gr for plant
Difficulty : Medium
Type : Mostly Indica
Pack of : 3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds
Values in % : THC 23% CBD 0.2% CBN 0.1% CBG 0.5%

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