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By purchasing this NFT, you will get the real seed package from the Microgenetica seed bank directly to your home in a few working days!


Our MicroGiant is a mostly sativa strain. A true giant that can reach 150 cm.It is a cross between an original AK-47 and the famous C. Ruderalis. (Indigenous plant of North-East Asia which has the particularity of flowering regardless of the seasons) Pungent and pleasant smell, Authentic flavour, spicy with hints of fruit. Full and inebriating long-lasting effect. Suitable for all temperatures and humidity.


Flowering : 60 days
Yield: Indoor : 450/550 gr for m2 – Outdoor: 60/90 gr for plant
Difficulty : Medium / Easy
Pack of : 3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds
Values in % :
THC : 16/18%
CBD : 3%
CBG : 3,6%


Excluding Sales Tax

By purchasing this NFT, the real seed packet from the Microgenetica seed bank will be sent directly to your home. The pack contains the true collector's cannabis seed of this genetics.
Shipping may vary based on the country you live in. But we use a very fast, discreet and secure shipping service.

ATTENTION: Our NFT is copyrighted and distribution is prohibited. Each NFT is personal and must remain so. In case of copyright infringement, according to the laws, a fine is expected.

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